over 20 years of experience and a highly trained and qualified staff, we provide complete IT services and provide solutions of excellence in IT support for both small, medium and new enterprises. You will find information about network solutions services and IT consulting, VoIP, web business solutions, services including computer support and cloud computing all based on the needs of your business. In addition, you can access additional benefits that will make your internet experience more enriching through a full range of technology services and support we offer to our customers with complete digital markeitng and business growth strategy planning with growth enabling plan.

In addition, our staff will also help you to get the most out of your existing equipment by increasing the quality and ability of its performance.We offer a wide range of services, For more information contact us at: info@logiclegends.com or call +91-(944)-9459893.+001-(503)-8087148.


We are a group of professional highly experienced buinsess & IT consultants that provide technology & business strategy solutions with a strong strategic and creative component to our clients. This includes the new buinsess startups, data center setup and management, artificial intelegent predictive prospects indicating, marketing consultaing as well as custom software design and development and fully integrated designs for small and medium-sized businesses.

We offer complete services at the beginning until the very end of your project, we are the pioneer in the industry to help outsourcing offshore branch office, global office setup, hosting and email delivery expert consulting, IT and ITE's services and support, software and mobile app development consulting, predictive prospects finding and mapping with business. along with an efficient network of various professionals specializing in applying a multidimensional approach to solving problems. Our goal is to provide solutions with high profit to businesses and financial management that fits the focus of your business on defining technological solutions. We are the group of professionals that will grow your business. We are available immediately to listen to you and provide you with a solution for your business. .


Our vision is to lead with excellent IT & Business consulting service. We offer comprehensive solutions to businesses that require high levels of quality, efficiency and competitiveness. We seek to meet the needs of customers and our employees in an environment of fairness and honesty that is based on a Quality Management System that allows for continuous improvement.


We focus on providing companies with high quality services in computing and IT to improve competitiveness in the enterprise. Our technical team of highly qualified personnel, certificate management, network management, technical support and project development, has experience in developing solutions for different types of businesses using technology and meeting the standards in quality.