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Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Did you know that there are many companies that are considering cloud computing? Cloud Computing or cloud solutions are the best way to ensure services because all the information is stored in the cloud. This makes it almost impossible to lose your data as cloud computing services offers 99.9% availability. You can have your email, data, databases and store in the cloud.

How do you know it´s time to incorporate Cloud Computing for your business? If you seek security and require group collaboration on projects and value backing up and having files available, investing in a storage service like Cloud Computing gives you the option to escalate and grow. This allows you to mitigate operational risks and reduce the costs of services as you can remotely access and process data. Based on your needs, it could mean savings in storage services and efficient management and protection of the company´s information. This facilitates mobile remote work and makes it easy to access documents using a secured virtual network service.

Is Cloud Computing expensive? Cloud Computing is affordable, allows you to access the company or institution, and allows greater flexibility to manage IT costs thus reflecting business requirements as listed IT services.

Are there different options according to the needs of my company? Yes. We customize a solution for your business based on your needs and budget. You can start with a reduced infrastructure and scale up to climb all the production systems of the company.

How much can I expect to save per month? You gain several savings through the technology of cloud computing or cloud solutions in enterprises. Customers who took advantage of the Cloud stated that this reduced and even eliminated certain hardware. This also resulted in saving energy, improved security establishments and reduced the need of hardware or software maintenance.

We provide you with solutions, consulting, implementation and online support:

– Exchange: Is an Online tool that provides enterprise-level security and reliability that businesses require. Microsoft Exchange Online provides hosted email, calendars and contacts in your PC browser, phone and on the web.

– Dropbox: Dropbox is a service that allows you to bring all your photos, videos and other documents with you anywhere you go. This means that any file saved to your Dropbox will automatically save to your computers, phones and even your Dropbox website.

What are some of the advantages of having LOGIC LEGENDS work for you?

Cloud Infrastructure services implemented by LOGIC LEGENDS are cloud-computing platforms that are capable of meeting security needs, optimizing performance and are readily available.

LOGIC LEGENDS comes up with a strategic plan and finalizes a decision that leads to the necessary steps that focus on your IT service needs as far as implementing Cloud solutions technologies into your enterprise. Designed for medium size and has the capability to expand on in assisting large-scale companies.

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