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A powerful brand brings references and stays for as long as business exists.
Markeitng Consulting Services

As experts say an image can tell 1000 word meanings, for any business brand image is very important 'Brand' is way beyond name and logo; In today's crowded market, customers have choice of options for brands, category, range and flexibility, but they choose and refer the brand that gives them a particular feeling and positive experience across all the touch points consistently. A well-defined and executed products or services brand marketing strategy leads to a stronger personal and engaged connection with customers, higher brand equity and competitive advantage. Having expertise across all the branding process, Logic Legends brand strategy consulting services help companies to develop brand strategies and support implementation to build the powerful and enduring brand.

Marketing Consulting Benifits

– Develop the Market Research for the products or services at incubation period.
– Brainstorm, design, and Recommend a unique brand name, trademark, IP, etc.
– Research the future potential prospects and enable strategy to reach them for promotion.
– Develop a brand positioning statement, vision, mission & go to market strategy.
– Create the visual brand Identity.
–Optimize the brand portfolio and decide roles.
–Formulate the brand extension strategy.
–Develop a brand repositioning and transition strategy.
–Guide the delivery of the brand promise across all the touch points.

ROI business can expect from us.
– Targeting right potential audience.
– Clearly spreading the USP of brands.
–Attracting the Investors, Enhanced brand equity and market share.
–Protecting the copy rights, IP, Improved brand recognition and top of the mind awareness.
–Higher revenues and profitability from increased customer loyalty.

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